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The Iconic California’s Gold Episode of the Underground Gardens

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Huell Howser’s signature series explored the Golden State’s rich history, cultural diversity, natural wonders, and amazing people for over 20 years. In 1994, his ventures led him to the Forestiere Underground Gardens. Join Huell and trace the lives of two men whose unique dreams in the early part of the century helped them to create two of our state‚Äôs most amazing buried treasures. First, Huell visits the Underground Gardens of Baldasare Forestiere and the incredible labyrinth of tunnels, courtyards and vines. Next, he visits the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, where for 50 years an early pioneer of the Mojave dug a 2,000 foot tunnel through a mountain. Click the link below to see one of the most viewed pieces featuring the Underground Gardens!

Under California – California’s Gold (509)

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